About the EPS AG

The aims of the EPS Accelerator Group are:

  • to promote research and development of all kinds of particle accelerators and the associated technology, as well as their applications;
  • to encourage contacts between specialists in the field in European and non-European institutions, in particular through the organization of the International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC) when held in Europe;
  • to stimulate international co-operation and exchange of information;
  • to promote efficient and effective use of resources and foster high standards.

Membership of the EPS Accelerator Group (EPS-AG) is open to individuals or institutes (laboratories, etc.) interested in particle accelerators, and who are members of the European Physical Society.

The EPS-AG operates according to a set of Statutes and Rules.

The EPS-AG is managed by an Elected Board. Elections to the Board are held as a rule every three years, and a General Assembly takes place during each IPAC in Europe.



Elected Board Members (2020-23)

Ralph Assmann, DESY & INFN

Former Board Chair, Ex-officio
Mike Sidel, PSI

Sara Casalbuoni, EXFEL, PSI

Board Member
Adriana Rossi, CERN

Board Member
Rogelio Tomas, CERN

Board Member
Marie Hélène Moscatello, GANIL

Board Member
Victor Malka, Weizmann

Board Member
Alessandro Fabris, ELETTRA

Board Member
Mohammad Eshraqi, ESS

Peter Mcintosh, STFC/DL, UK

Ubaldo Iriso, CELLS

Sven Reiche, PSI

Board Member
Ezio Todesco, CERN

Board Member
Nicolas Delerue, CNRS

Board Member
Mei Bai, SLAC

Board Member
Christina Vaccarezza, INFN/LNF

Board Member
Eugene Levichev, BINP

Board Member
Jim Clarke, STFC/DL

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